Group Vision Coverage

Help your employees care for their total health.

When it comes to your employees’ healthcare expenses, every dollar adds up. Group vision insurance is a low-cost component of a comprehensive benefits package—with a big impact on your employees’ financial and physical wellness.


Why offer group vision insurance?

Millions of Americans manage vision problems that affect their productivity and overall health. Vision care not only helps with existing vision problems; it also contributes to prevention and early detection of other health issues, like diabetes and hypertension.


And because group vision insurance is an important part of a complete benefits package, it can support your efforts to attract and retain great employees too.


How does group vision insurance work?

We offer a variety of vision insurance solutions to choose from. You can pay all, part, or none of your employees’ benefits depending on your needs and goals.


Which type of vision coverage should you choose?

We offer both managed care and scheduled vision coverage options. Which is right for your benefits package?


Managed care visionoffers greater flexibility and lower out-of-pocket costs with an established network of providers. It includes:


  • An established provider network of independent providers and retail chains
  • A vision exam to detect signs of eye and other health conditions
  • Cost savings on qualifying vision procedures and screenings
  • Discounts, rebates, and special offers on name-brand eyewear
  • Coverage for spouses and dependents (up to age 26)

Scheduled vision gives you more controlled maintenance costs and makes your policy easier to manage by allowing you to set specific price points to cover specific procedures.


It includes:


  • No deductibles, co-payments, or networks
  • Freedom to visit the employee’s choice of providers
  • Discounts when using a select providers
  • Coverage for spouses and dependents (up to age 26) 

This information comes from: Principal Financial